Livin In A Bubble Coreys

Story Behind The Song

The Only place safe & sane is in your own home...enjoy!!

Song Description

Hang in there and close the blinds, oh and pop a good bottle of Merlot!!............things will look way better in the morning! Ha!!

Song Length 3:14 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Troubled Subject Life
Similar Artists Not Sure?? Language English
Era 2000 and later


Living in A Bubble
Marg & Art Corey
Copyright 2014 (C)

Anybody Home?

1st Verse

Living in a bubble, with too much time
Moma's wearing jeggings, sippin' her wine
Things are getting hectic, in the world outside
And daddy's on the sofa, with too much time
Livin' in a bubble, with too much time.......
Livin' in a bubble with too much time.......
Too much time, too much time, too much time.......

2nd Verse

Their daughter thinks they're crazy, in a good sort of way
They dress as they want and say what they say
No one understands them, but they're doin' just fine Livin' in a bubble, with too much time......
Livin' in a bubble, with too much time......
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..............


Now out in the real world, they're playin' a game
Back in the bubble , it's safe and it's sane
Yes, I will take my bubble any old day
And dress as I want and say what I say...............

3rd Verse

Pictures on the sideboard of heroes from a war
And the trouble on the outside keeps knockin' at their door
But, they've turned in their protest for a don't disturb sign
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..........
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..........
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..........


Cool Pink Floydish arrangement. Also kind of funky.

Cool song with great vocals and lyrics. Thanks.

Great rhythm and beat. Keeps me moving down the track. Vocals are a nice contrast with the drums and guitar rhythm and feel. Cool hook and story. Could hear this in a film track. Like the ending.

Great stuff. Very etherial driving rock bluesy track. Quite modern

Like the feel of the song It is a great song for film and t.v

Lots of space in the production which I like. Very cool song with lots of interesting parts.

Great song. Reminds me of Pink Floyd. I love the hook.

Nice bass riffs! And the sax in the background is cool. I definitely hear this in a movie somewhere. Upbeat and catchy. Good job!

Great overall recording and production. I like the tempo and arrangement...keeping things interesting throughout. Well done!

I like this song. The music is very unique, this is new and fresh. The dynamics were very good. I like the lyrics. The vocals are really good.

Very atmospheric blues/rock/pop vamp. Great tune, reminiscent of Beck, love the lyrics and the vibe.

I liked the feel of the song and the overall ambiance was interesting. The recording and arrangement worked well and had a professional quality.

Lyrics Margie & A. Corey Music A. Corey
Producer A. Corey & M. Rifkin Performance Art Corey and Dr. Jerry Peterson on Sax
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