Livin In A Bubble Coreys

Story Behind The Song

The Only place safe & sane is in your own home...enjoy!!

Song Description

Hang in there and close the blinds, oh and pop a good bottle of Merlot!!............things will look way better in the morning! Ha!!

Song Length 3:14 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Troubled Subject Life
Similar Artists Not Sure?? Language English
Era 2000 and later


Living in A Bubble
Marg & Art Corey
Copyright 2014 (C)

Anybody Home?

1st Verse

Living in a bubble, with too much time
Moma's wearing jeggings, sippin' her wine
Things are getting hectic, in the world outside
And daddy's on the sofa, with too much time
Livin' in a bubble, with too much time.......
Livin' in a bubble with too much time.......
Too much time, too much time, too much time.......

2nd Verse

Their daughter thinks they're crazy, in a good sort of way
They dress as they want and say what they say
No one understands them, but they're doin' just fine Livin' in a bubble, with too much time......
Livin' in a bubble, with too much time......
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..............


Now out in the real world, they're playin' a game
Back in the bubble , it's safe and it's sane
Yes, I will take my bubble any old day
And dress as I want and say what I say...............

3rd Verse

Pictures on the sideboard of heroes from a war
And the trouble on the outside keeps knockin' at their door
But, they've turned in their protest for a don't disturb sign
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..........
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..........
Livin' in a bubble with too much time..........


Cool Pink Floydish arrangement. Also kind of funky.

Cool song with great vocals and lyrics. Thanks.

I liked the thought of a bubble being a closed in place with too much time. Nice arrangement.

Great rhythm and beat. Keeps me moving down the track. Vocals are a nice contrast with the drums and guitar rhythm and feel. Cool hook and story. Could hear this in a film track. Like the ending.

Great stuff. Very etherial driving rock bluesy track. Quite modern

Like the feel of the song It is a great song for film and t.v

Lots of space in the production which I like. Very cool song with lots of interesting parts.

Great song. Reminds me of Pink Floyd. I love the hook.

Nice bass riffs! And the sax in the background is cool. I definitely hear this in a movie somewhere. Upbeat and catchy. Good job!

Great overall recording and production. I like the tempo and arrangement...keeping things interesting throughout. Well done!

I like this song. The music is very unique, this is new and fresh. The dynamics were very good. I like the lyrics. The vocals are really good.

Very atmospheric blues/rock/pop vamp. Great tune, reminiscent of Beck, love the lyrics and the vibe.

I liked the feel of the song and the overall ambiance was interesting. The recording and arrangement worked well and had a professional quality.

Lyrics Margie & A. Corey Music A. Corey
Producer A. Corey & M. Rifkin Performance Art Corey and Dr. Jerry Peterson on Sax
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