Chain of Sin Anthony's Coreys

Story Behind The Song

Made up saga of some extremely questionable individuals.......

Song Description

Very long Saga of some extremely questionable individuals.......

Song Length 4:50 Genre Blues - General, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Tense Subject Crime, Theft, Gambling
Similar Artists Anyone great Language English
Era 2000 and later


Chain of Sin (2)
Sharon, Alton, Art & Margie Corey/BMI Copyright 2001 (C)

Chain of Sin these empty buildings
Had a name the ol' Devil knew
He let it ride in his black ledger
And let it burn, when the debt was due

1st Verse
Now we came down thru Red Rock Canyon
Where this town burned long ago
Came to strike the Devil's bargain
And make our run for Old Mexico.......

Chain of Sin's, gonna bind us, this time round we'll get away
Don't look back keep on runnin', we just might live another day
Chain of Sin, we wanted Heaven, but there's so much Hell to paid
Don't you cry my little darlin', we might see a better day....... see a better day...........

2nd Verse
Stolen gods and double dealin'
The pick up man just fired away
I shot him dead, cold dead, but I'll soon join him
So take his cash and please make your play

Chorus (repeat)

interesting song- immediately pulled me in, unique soundscape, seems to have a taste of delta blues but over a modern beat sequence, vocal style is good, nice story telling lyric, sax lines expertly done, although some part of me wants to hear tenor sax as opposed to alto on this song... (minor personal preference!!) well done -- this could easily be used in a movie scene or soundtrack --

This is a very dark cowboy song. It's a sad story, with the chain of sin binding the whole thing together. Favorite line: We wanted heaven but there's so much hell to pay. Great vocals, interesting instrumentation - kind of jazzy for a cowboy song, which sets it apart.

Nice bluesy start

Cool modern song. Nice sax, synth and guitar work on this

You had me from the first note. I loved the vocal and the music. I wanted more specific in the verses and the big payoff in the chorus. Did you like specific instrumental parts--vocals 1) Does my intro make you want to hear the song? yes 2) Does my opening line draw you in and make you want to hear more? yes 3) Is my melody interesting? yes 4) Does my melody get stuck in your head? yes 5) Does my chorus stand out and take the song to a higher place? yes

Cool tune. Darkly poetic vibes.

Solid story and well performed! Wonderful Instrumentation!
Very bluesy! Production score rates very high as well! Well done!

Love it , It all just woks, great mood, and lyrics.

the artist has a great voice. I like the mood of the song. almost Johnny Cash like quality to the lyrics and rhythms. It has some hooky lines in it and a compelling quality that make you want to hear more of the song.

A lot of interesting and unusual instruments and effects give a western feel to a moody piece reeking of doom and despair.

Intriguing intro. Cool drum vibe. Great blues voice. Harmonies are nice, but a little out of sync. You've got a keeper her, keep up the great work.

Lyrics Sharon, Alton, Margie & A. Corey Producer A. Corey
Publisher The Corey's Performance Anthony Prezio & Art Corey
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