Dare To Love

Song Description

The song depicts loving with an openness that allows the freedom to feel love completely without fear or apprehension. To be aware of the struggles that will occur in relationships with the will to endure and surrender your heart and mind to the cause.

Song Length 4:21 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Peaceful, Pleasant Subject Falling in Love, Madly In Love
Similar Artists Sade Language English
Era 2000 and later


I dare to love in a world so cold
I dare to jump in with my arms wide
Who'll take hold?
Brought back to life, from a foolish cage
I dare to love, but who is prepared for what love wants of you?

I swear to love, 'cause it feeds my soul
Like jammin' to the sweetest bass on your favorite song--
Never gets old
Pure as the light that shines on me, from which it came, I swear to love

So let the cold winds blow
Let the fires rage
I'm willing to let go
Can't have it any other way
Give my heart to share the joy and pain
Take of my love, I want you to

Don't walk around so cynical
Time is short and we're just shadows
Don't waste it all on bitterness
It's surely bound to led to bitter ends

So let the cold winds blow
Let the fires rage
Be willing to let go
Can't have it any other way

Take care of my love until I fade
Pull out the fight, the fight in me and feed my flame
that's burning for you until I fade away
Take care of my love
But are you prepared for what love wants of you
to take care of my love?

So let the cold winds blow
Let the fires rage
Be willing to let go
Can't have it any other way
Give my heart to share the joy and pain
Take of my love,
Take of my love,
Take of my love, I want you to

I wonder if thereĀ“s a deeper meaning behind this song. Such lyrics always make me question if the writer has dealt with some pretty horrible issues in the past. The melancholy backing track suggests so too.

Nice vibe. This song has a really good chance for placement. The relaxing vocals reminds me of a smooth jazz tune. The instrumental was very nice! I loved when the harmonies came in around the hook. Nice song. Great job

Beautiful angel voices mixed with some heavenly guitar, mountainess drums, grooving bass, fairy dust keyboards make this record a hit - it sounds top 10 material definitely a 5 Star song, great work....

This has a PM Dawn type feel to it or Tracey Chapman. I like the concept of the song

Very good song!! The vocals & harmonies were great! She has a lovely voice.

Very calm, collected and smooth. It puts me in the mindset of Sade!

Lyrics Kathyjo Varco Music Kathyjo Varco/Nick Marcos
Producer Kathyjo Varco Publisher BSM Publishing
Performance Kathyjo Varco/Nick Marcos
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