Say It Again

Song Description

Hanging onto and reaffirming love

Song Length 4:50 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Life
Language English Era 2000 and later



It seems like a lifetime
since I sat here with you
but the couch is still warm,
was that us or just two ghosts passing through?

It seems like a dreamtime
since I exchanged rings with you
a symbol of our love, never-ending
but they've come to mean something new:
now they're wheels that are turning
they stole a life of their own
but I'm ready now to steal it back
I'll say it first but I can't go on alone
so won't you

Say it again
This time I'll be listening
Say it again
This love it needs nurturing
Say it again
And if you will, could you humour me
And say it again


It seems like this worldtime
has come between me and you
you go to work again, I'll stay at home again
resigned to these lots that we drew
but its all of own choosing
can we stop long enough to see?
Send our friends home, turn the phone off, the kids are sleeping
won't you come sit down here with me
and we could


Lyrics Julie Vik Music Julie Vik
Producer Julie Vik Performance Julie Vik, Rick Hopkins, Rob Bailey

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