Fractured Fairytale

Song Description

what inspires religious sentiment?

Song Length 4:00 Genre Folk - Alternative, Classical - Medieval
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Close to the ground under the thatch curled around the rot of time
You furrow into safety's arms and latch on till you twist your spine

In your crooked bed where the crooked bed lies, starved for air and half awake
Lambs and lions lie in lullabies where once there ruled a wily snake.

Hunger drags you out to stray into the light of the very first day
Teeth to teeth remember to pray:
Kyrie Eleison

Kings that belong to realms above sin have wings spread strong for the whims of the wind
Hear them voice the world's first hymn of a dangerous peace where bone meets skin

Down at your feet the ground creeps alive where you're fortress meets the world outside
Anarchist snake seeks you as his prize, you're a taste in the air that can not hide.

Born to hear this ominous song comes a mouse from the thatch with a dream gone wrong
The scree of Kyrie joined along with the serpentine hiss on eleison

On a pitch in the glade where the thatch doesn't dare there's a twitch of a blade tasting the air
Tentative tongue with a raw green prayer, blessed with the dung of a wild bear.

This piece has a wonderful authenticity to it. Recording is nice and clean. I really like the energy. The vocals are very passionate and convincing and appealing timbre. The hand drums and mandolin? make a good combination for this song.

Lyrics julie vik Music julie vik, corbin keep, moritz behmn
Producer none Publisher none
Performance julie vik, mortiz behm, corbin keep Label none

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