price to pay ( by Protilius productions )

Story Behind The Song

Nathaniel Jones ( protilius Productions) approached me to record my own interpretation of this haunting, emotional original.... needless to say I was very much honored! His production on this floors me every time I take a listen.... at times in everyone's life we must "dig deep down inside"....take a journey into your own soul and always remember " you just gotta push on"........ despite our failings.....

Song Length 3:22 Genre Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Experimental
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Distressed, Unbearable
Subject Judgement, Life Similar Artists Tori Amos, Katy Perry

You have a very strong and forceful voice. I would like to hear that voice pulled out of this genre and put into a jazz or blues song. I bet there are some great tunes that would utilize the power of your vocals a lot more than what you have presented here.
I do love your voice. Maybe even suitable for a classical setting, as in a chorale piece.

Congrats on your song! Really enjoyed it. It sounds more pop to me. Strong lyrics, great vocal delivery & vibe to the song. Great blend of vocals & instruments.

Lyrics Nathaniel Jones ( Protilius productions) Music Nathaniel Jones ( Protilius productions)
Producer Nathaniel Jones ( Protilius productions) Performance Julia Schmidt / N. Jones
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