I'm a older "new" songwriter. I started writing recently after retiring early as a result of battling Parkinson's Disease for almost 15 years. I was a Director of Engineering for a middle size company and I had been creative but in a whole different way. .
I come to this brave new world with no experience except being a huge fan of music and lyrics my entire life. I write as a somewhat therapy and can't do it every day but I'm always getting ideas down on paper. My strange sense of humor and my way of looking at things differently ("I'm not right")along with my internal struggle with PD can make some interesting songs. I started entering contest a few months ago and have placed a few times. I do not sing so all of my submissions are with a demo singer unless it's my writing partner on some songs who sings (Rob Howard).
I hope you enjoy listening.

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New News! I have a song in the UK songwriting contest Semi-Finals. It's a "lyrics only" piece that I haven't put music to yet. I actually wrote it just before the deadline (entered it with about 10 minutes to go).

12 June, 2014 - Four songs in the TN top 10....
#1 "On Nights Like This"

#5 "I'm Still Alive" (vocals and music by Rob Howard)

#9 "I Can Hear Her Humming"

#10 "This Year"
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