I Need A Sign ( by Julia Schmidt )

Story Behind The Song

This story line came to me while composing at the piano, the lyrics struck me vividly and the melody line emerged it became so visual , so I kept going with it . As the story unfolded , I tied in " needing a sign "( sign from above) to driving down a road where there are always signs.... What kind of "sign "did she encounter ?!? Bob Bentley did an amazing country-contemporary arrangement and wonderful production!

Song Description

As she's "driving down a long winding road " she's thinking of all her burdens , mistakes, the guilt of wrong choices she has made in her life . She cries out to above " I need a sign, a red light , so I can stop and pray cause nothing seems right, I need to yield and slow down ," but there are no signs in sight , she's feeling too frantic and wrapped up in herself to even pull over ,so she continues to drive aimlessly feeling submerged in her own problems and wrongdoings , her " Faith is running out of time " ........

Song Length 3:27 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Religion
Similar Artists Carrie Underwood Language English
Era 2000 and later

I really enjoyed listening to this song. The lyrics flowed well throughout the song and told a story, which is what Country music is all about. The vocals and instrumentation were very well done. I could hear this song being recorded by an Artist. It's a song that I could listen to several times over and not get tired of it. Very nicely written and recorded.

Lyrics Julia Schmidt Music Julia Schmidt
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Julia Schmidt - vocals, Bob Bentley - music
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