YoYe (Dans ma vie)

Story Behind The Song

YoYe is a word made up by songwriter Paulo Ramos to express the love and joy that a parent feels while raising a child. He wrote it when his son was born, and Jean-Francois Garneau adapted it from the Portuguese when his own daughters were toddlers.

Song Description

The joyful and almost magical aspects of parenthood are expressed in this serene ballad. While the verses describe blissful moments a parent spends with a child, tthe chorus celebrates the tenderness of a parent's love, with a touch of nostalgia for the c

Song Length 4:31 Genre World - World Beat, World - South American
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene, Affable Subject Engagement, Baby, Children
Similar Artists Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman Language French
Era 2000 and later


Dans ma vie le plein soleil (The sunshine of my days)
c'est la joie de ton sourire (is in the joy of your smile)
Pas a  pas de jour en jour (step by step and day by day)
c'est si bon te voir grandir (it's so good to see you grow)
Ton regard est la lumieere (your gaze is the light)
ou mes yeux apprennent a lire (by which my eyes learn how to read)
Ton bonheur fait toujours mon bonheur (your happiness is always my happiness)
c'est le c?ur de ma vie... (it's the heart of my life)

Le soleil d�©j�  se sauve (The sun is getting away)
Les �©toiles bient�´t vont luire (soon the stars are going to shine)
Il fait nuit, le ciel est mauve (it's night, the sky is purple)
quand la lune va s'ouvrir (when the moon is about to shine)
Et la paix de ton sommeil (And your peaceful sleep)
est comme l'air que je respire (is like the air that I breathe)
Ton bonheur fait toujours mon bonheur (your happiness is always my happiness)
c'est ma raison de vivre... (it's the purpose of my life)

YÃ?"YÃ?Â?, YÃ?"YÃ?Â?...
YÃ?"YÃ?Â?, alegria!

Lyrics Paulo Ramos/Jean-Francois Garneau Music Paulo Ramos
Producer Joanne Griffith/Jean-Francois Garneau Publisher YoYe (SODRAC)
Performance Joanne Griffith Label Self-published
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