Filosofia pura (Éa Éo)

Story Behind The Song

Filosofia pura was a hit in Brazil during the 80s, when it was recorded by Maria Bêthania. Roberto Mendes and Jorge Portugal approved of the French version Jean-François Garneau and Joanne Griffith produced, which features children's voices along with the

Song Description

Love and friendship can be a source of great joy if learned and shared in all honesty and respect. The verses give real good advice, a good life's philosophy in a nutshell, while the chorus allows everyone to join in the fun.

Song Length 3:39 Genre World - World Beat, World - South American
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Joy, Celebration
Language French Era 1980 - 1989



Comme tous ceux qui veulent apprendre apprennent à aimer plus tôt... Éa... Éo...
(As everyone who want to learn, learn to love sooner)
Quand le désir s'achemine, leur sourire s'illumine d'une étincelle d'amour... Éa... Éo...
(When desire finds its way, their smile starts to shine with the spark of love)
Cette sensation divine peut dominer qui domine et ramener les beaux jours... Éa... Éo...
(It's a divine sensation that can lead those who lead and bring back a better day)

En somme pour changer la vie (To sum it up, in order to change life)
on soustrait ce qui divise (one should substract what is dividing)
et on multiplie l'amour (and multiply love)
C'est toujours au goût des lèvres (It's always by tasting lips)
qu'il faut repêcher les rêves (that one should save the dreams)
que la peur jetait à l'eau... (that fear would drown)

Lyrics Jorge Portugal/Jean-François Garneau Music Roberto Mendes
Producer Jean-François Garneau/Joanne Griffith Publisher Portugal/Mendes (Brazil)
Performance Joanne Griffith Label Self-published
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