Some Of My Best Friends

Song Length 3:45 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving
Subject Civil Rights, Justice Language English
Era 2000 and later


Some Of My Best Friends
Words and Music by Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
© 2003 Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)

(verse 1)
Some of my best friends
Are not the kinds of people
Who deserve the kind of attitude
They face most everyday.
Some of my best friends
Hold a hand up to be counted;
Hold a hand out when it?s needed;
Hold the bigotry at bay.
Some of my best friends are just that way.

(verse 2)
Some of my best friends
Wear protective coloration;
Aren?t at home in their own nation;
Mind the things they do and say.
Some of my best friends
Mask their outrage with their humor;
Tell the jokes you?d tell, but sooner;
Keep you guessing everyday.
But some of those good friends are gone today.

Out of anger, out of fear,
Out of hope they?ll all just disappear,
You believe you see your duty clear,
And let the hate shine through.
They tell you there?s no valid reason,
Still, you turn around and drop the Big One.
But could you love Him if He had been one,
And said that He loved you?

(verse 3)
Some of my best friends
Stay secure within their cloister.
Others make the world their oyster;
See no point in lying low.
Some of my best friends
Only want the world to know them;
Long for all the world can show them;
Fear the world will tell them ?no.?
But none of my best friends has somewhere else to go.

(instrumental - same music as chorus)

(verse 4)
Some of my best friends
Are tenacious and outspoken:
Won?t repair what isn?t broken;
Don?t accept what isn?t true.
Some of my best friends
Make mistakes the same way I do;
Make decisions they ought not to;
Prove they?re human when they do.
Some of my best friends are just like me and you.


Lyrics Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell Music Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
Producer Christopher DeMonk, Bill Kavanagh & Jeff Churchwell Publisher Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)
Performance Jeff Churchwell - lead & harmony vocals, guitar; Holly Pintozzi - drums; Bill Kavanagh - bass, Dave Bagdade - electric guitar solo; Martha Murphy - baritone violin. Label self-released CD
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