Plain Brown Wrapper

Song Length 4:27 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Plain Brown Wrapper
Words and Music by Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
© 2003 Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)

(verse 1)
You're living in the center of a hurricane;
Blue sky is all you ever see.
Your winds are whipping through the hearts up ahead,
And in the aftermath we cry and laugh,
And sort through your debris.

(pre-chorus 1)
You flit and flutter from flower to flower.
Your mind, it changes with each passing hour.

(chorus 1)
All that you know about the world comes to you
In a plain brown wrapper.
No responsibility, and no point of view,
You just let life happen.

(verse 2)
The crater lip is crumblin?, still you walk unconcerned.
You?ve heard the view from the top is so sublime.
The ashes and the ruin are your lessons unlearned,
And your history is just used-to-be,
It don?t clutter up your mind.

(pre-chorus 2)
We seem so distant from way up in your tower.
Who knew a child like you could wield so much power?

(chorus 2)
And everything that makes your life seem sweet
Comes in a plain brown wrapper.
What does it matter that it?s incomplete,
You just let life happen.
So many prying eyes, you can be discreet
With a plain brown wrapper.
Where there?s no struggle, there can be no defeat,
So just let life happen.

Who?s got the time to take you under his wing,
Show you everything that?s worthwhile?
Too many days and nights are given in vain,
Time wasted, never regained.


(verse 3)
The train wreck makes an impact on most everyone else,
But the engineer, he is frighteningly blasé.
The accident report can?t say just who was at fault.
So he nods his head, say?s it ain?t so bad,
And quickly steals away.

(pre-chorus 3)
It?s like that every minute of your every day,
You could be so much more if you would get out of your own way.

(chorus 3)
The perfect non-descript description of you
Is a plain brown wrapper.
What?s truth is hearsay, and what?s false is true,
So just let life happen.
All that you know about the world comes to you
In a plain brown wrapper.
No responsibility, no point of view
From a plain brown?
Plain brown, yeah...
Plain brown...

Lyrics Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell Music Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
Producer Christopher DeMonk, Bill Kavanagh & Jeff Churchwell Publisher Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)
Performance Jeff Churchwell - guitar; Holly Pintozzi - drums; Bill Kavanagh - bass; Dave Bagdade - acoustic guitar solo. Label self-released CD
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