At The Headwaters/Where Wanders The River

Song Length 5:35 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Serene
Subject Rivers, Girlfriend, Wife Language English
Era 2000 and later


At The Headwaters
Music by Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
© 2003 Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)


Where Wanders The River
Words and Music by Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
© 2003 Hat?s Too Tight Music (ASCAP)

(verse 1)
Where wanders the River, my heart wanders with her.
Past tall pine and cedar, and strong sinsemilla.
?Round canyon and bluff, ?til my heart cries ?enough!?
And the River, she carries me home.

(verse 2)
Where wanders the River, her dreams wander with her.
A daughter of Shannon, and Danube?s companion.
Old willows in ranks shade and shelter her banks
When the River, she wanders alone.

Every ripple has the pow?r to astound.
And every moment in a lifetime?s
Revealed by her motion and sound.


(verse 3)
Redeemer, forgiver, O deep-delving River.
Free-living, free-flowing, the future unknowing.
I?ll follow her still, let her run where she will,
?Til? the River, she tarries;
She carries me home.

Lyrics Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell Music Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
Producer Christopher DeMonk, Bill Kavanagh & Jeff Churchwell Publisher Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)
Performance Jeff Churchwell - guitar; Holly Pintozzi - bodhran, percussion; Bill Kavanagh - fretless bass; Martha Murphy - violin, baritone violin; Dave Bagdade - mandolin; Kirk Munn - piano. Label self-released CD
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