Lake Effect

Song Length 4:12 Genre Pop - Lullaby, Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Serene
Subject Girlfriend, Wife, Baby, Children Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lake Effect
Words and Music by Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
© 2003 Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)

(verse 1)
Wide water calls;
So wide that I can?t see across.
But not too wide;
I can drive around it in a day.
A landlocked boy,
I didn?t dream of high adventure.
Wide water, you can teach me how to sail away.

(chorus 1)
All the lakes in Oklahoma are but puddles next to thee.
The prairie moon o?er Burnham Harbor
Is a cheery beacon all can see.
I guess it?s not hard to imagine
The effect this has on me.

(verse 2)
October calls,
With a voice that seeks belonging.
Oh, what?s in Fall
That makes me want to start again?
The summer?s end presages each of my beginnings.
Now it sends me out to find the closest of all friends.

(chorus 2)
Hazel eyes across a table shine so only I can see.
As we step out of the restaurant,
The city smartly sings on key.
It wouldn?t do to underestimate
The effect she has on me.


(verse 3)
My baby calls;
He doesn?t realize it?s early.
Three A.M.;
What does a baby know of time?
He looks like me.
He sparks a warmth that?s past imagining.
It seems I?m not immune to fathers? pride.

(chorus 3)
There?s no end to his horizon,
Nor of things that he can be.
And his mother and I bring him up
Beside this lovely inland sea.
I guess it?s not hard to appreciate
The effect he has on me.

Lyrics Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell Music Jeffrey Wayne Churchwell
Producer Christopher DeMonk, Bill Kavanagh & Jeff Churchwell Publisher Hat's Too Tight Music (ASCAP)
Performance Jeff Churchwell - vocal; Bill Kavanagh -fretless bass; Kirk Munn - piano. Label self-released CD
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