Long Gone

Song Length 3:51 Genre Blues - Country, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Fuming Subject Lost Love
Language English


Jeff Ashbaker

Long Gone ©

Long Gone, yeah my baby's long gone

Long Gone, yeah my baby's long gone
I'll meet you at the crossroads, my bible in hand
We'll chase the stinking devil from this God fearing land
And say gone, my baby's long gone

Well, I went down to the station just to try and stop the train
When I got there I could see my baby waving through the rain

--Repeat Chorus--

Well the blues is jsut a bad dream, so I took myself to bed
When I woke up in the morning, Lord, I found her lying dead

--Repeat Chorus--

So, I found myself a preacher, told him pray for my poor soul
He looked at me and started singing fifty's rock 'n roll

--Repeat Chorus--

My baby's long gone
My baby's long gone

Solid blues tune - would love to hear the lead guitarist a little hotter in the mix. Effective lead vocal. Overall well done!

Ouch! This tune is so cool it hurts. The hook is infectious. Unforgetable.


Good, punchy blues that takes its time. A gravelly voice against a well-judged backing.

Great tune!! Very blusey but still coutry

Love it! Perfect

NICE NICE NICE. Love the guitar fills and the vocalist is awesome.
Excellent lead work. Best of luck

A gritty song about somebody's baby that is long gone, on many levels I might add. This tune has a nice sound and I can hear it on something like a History Channel show. Good luck with it.

Vocals are spot on, and the production sounds pretty good. Typical blues sound that moves through the song well. Lots of good things going on in this song. I like the backup vocals on this song too. Great Lead guitar licks in this song.

Great vocal very gritty I really like that. The Guitars were very crisp and together, I liked that they were not overly processed or distorted either. Also liked the groove the Drums and Bass had going on they really set the tone and kept it there. Great Job.

This is a good solid blues number, simple and to the point. It has very nice guitar work and good overall balance, a clean arrangement and a nice hook.

great job. true blues! Great hook, and this would be great in a film! excellent to jam to also! Keep up the good work!!

the artist you remind me of is Johnny Cash.

good blues voice, nice steady beat as needed for the blues. music is covered pretty well. enjoying it all. good mixing and production on this tune.

yeah u got some good lyrics ..

This is a very cool country blues song that crosses into many other blues genres...I really love the authenticity of the track and the very bluesy gritty vocal...the arrangement gives a music supervisor a lot of options for background music or for a feature...this type of blues is popular with music libraries and music placement companies...I've seen a ton of opportunities here on Broadjam for blues and blues instrumentals...great job

awwww yeah!!!! "meet you at the crossroads with my bible in hand....chase the stinkin' devil from this God fearin' land" I hear ya brother, great lyrics. oh heck no!!! " the preacher started singin' 50's rock and roll" you're killin' me, love it, don't change anything, at all it can't get any better.

Wow, this was great! It reminded me of the old school Blues. You have a wonderful gravel in your voice. The arrangement was really good. Nice song.

Strong vocals and well articulated. Very admirable melody and instrumentation. Very nasty guitar solo( real cool)! Everything fits... the theme / the music. Keep it up!

Love the feel of this. country blues. Good to dance to. Reminds me a little of the old Jimmy Reed feel.

a very enjoyable blues song with some good guitar parts that give it a different edge. good lead guitar and style.
cool track

Generally good song and production.

Great country- blues feel!! Nice vocals! Perfect for this type of song!!nice lyrics tells a story!nice instrumentations! Great electric guitar break:)!

There's a lot to like in this song. The vocals sound great. The groove is very nice, and the supporting instruments are well mixed.

Holy moley, what a nasty groove! Well played, sung, recorded. Truly killer blues.

Good Song and nice voice! Great blues guitar and I love the organ sound. Very nicely played

Enjoyed the old blues sounds,vocals really compliment each other

Solid, professional blues number. Good lyrics, steeped in tradition, but not stale. Really enjoyed listening to it.

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker
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