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Song Length 2:51 Genre Jazz - Fusion, World - General

I liked the melody, it had a sea shanty medieval vibe.

Track has potential, early sax is a bit harsh sounding, sax harmonies good

Very solid tone on the lead horn and the others are complimentary as well.

The concept is pretty cool - use a static, hypnotic background with sax melodies behind it and electronic instrumentation.

You have the beginnings of a great song here. I can actually hear a little classical in this piece as well. I can hear where you're going with this and I really like it.

Nice vibe created right from the beginning. Nice delivery of and construction of the arrangement, you get to the hook right away and the song builds to the end. Really dug it when the hi hat came in after the first melody. I think you have some great elements going on in this song, I enjoy the layering of sounds and subtle counter melodies and mini hooks.

Fun listen.

Very unique and world music sounding. The production quality was good as well. Not sure the horn was real... but the sound of the horn solo was good however there appears to be a delay or latency in the notes the horn is playing. It's lagging the beat somewhat.

like fingernails on a chalkboard - this is the result of horrid keyboard patches.

Very interesting song with ethnic feel. Sax performance is good, and melody has kind of spiritual feel. Not so jazzy, but good song !

Its got a hook... has a middle ages feel, something off Runescape, some originality

Cool piece, subtle yet intersting, love the horns, well mixed.

Good beginnings of an idea that should be expanded on a bit more. I like the simplicity and sparseness of the sax although I wish there was more of it.

Music © 2010 Ian Graham Producer Ian Graham
Performance Ian Graham
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