Song Length 1:01 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, World - Celtic

I like the song a lot. it took name to a strange place

Awesome soundtrack piece with a Scottish flair! Perfect for a film scene. The mix of instruments was complimentary and worked well with the percussion. Great work!

Great work... Fun listen

the bagpipes were interesting

Wow, that's certainly a distinctive sound. Love the energy! Has a great retro synth quality!

Quite an adventurous sound you've got going here. I picture a medieval chase scene of some sort. I really like what you did with the percussion and the guitars. I am one of the few who enjoys listening to General Midi as that was the primary music I had to jam to when I played older computer games back in the day.

This song gets a lot done in just over a minute. Starting off the listener is locked in to the arrpeggiated instrumentation that has a celtic/world type sound that is really intriguing. And it has different elements and parts that change enough to keep you listening. Nice work here.

Maybe I'm not understanding what it is that your setting the mood for.


Music © 2009 Ian Graham Producer Ian Graham
Performance Ian Graham
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