Blighty Blues

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A blues about Brexit and the House of Incompetents. Video clip available at or

Song Length 2:29 Genre Unique - Comedy, Blues - Country
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Politics
Language English



There's an old Westminster stronghold
On the Thames in London Town,
Where Big Ben's on the scaffold
To stop him running down.
All aquiver by the river,
Thought I heard somebody sob:
"What can we do with Brexit?
We're never gonna sex it

"I've junketed with Juncker
But he says the backstop's here.
I've sung Oh Jeremy Corbyn
To that weird man with the beard.
I've bribed the orange woman.
With the Devil I would sup
If only he'd fix Brexit.
We're never gonna sex it

So she sits there in the Commons
Through the fire and smoke and malice
Till the day she gets a summons:
"Come at once to Buckingham Palace.
One would like a little chat, dear.
Pour some tea. No, just one cup.
What can one do with Brexit?
One never quite seems to sex it

Oh what can we do with Brexit?
We're never gonna sex it

It's hard to beat Ian's wry, intellectual, delightful lyrics that bend and twist your mind just a little further. Then he concocts a blues tune to the political English subject matter, and gets away with it! The ending notes are hilarious. It's wonderful!

Nice guitar bluesly work.. and wacky lyrics

Lyrics © Copyright 2019 Ian Graham Music © Copyright 2019 Ian Graham
Performance Ian Graham
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