Claire Sinclair

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There's a glare in her stare
that makes me want to hit on her
it's something hard to bear
your sight becomes a red blur
in just seeing her walking overthere
Claire Sinclair

She's a fine connoisseur
of everything on Harry Potter
I'd like to be a saboteur
where her heat is getting hotter
I doubt I'll ever meet her on the stairs
Claire Sinclair

I've got no driving licence
to become her personal chauffer
don't want to be a nuisance
I just want to amicably confer
with that remarkable body of hers
I suppose it's a bit late to lay bare
Claire Sinclair

Something in the way she smiles
attracts like no other dessert
something in the way she moves
attracts me like no other pervert
something in her black hair
makes me wanna be her teddy bear
something under her chin-strap
makes me talk like a khmer
and it's all because
of Claire Sinclair

She'll end marrying Daniel Radcliffe or some billionaire
I'll end up just like i started, playing solitaire
but after all why should I care about a wrapper
filled with thoughts on what she should wear
see her sinking in the global village's square
Don't want to be unfair but
farewell Claire Sinclair

This would sound good on a teen movie soundtrack.

Nice song, good atmosphere.

A couple of ideas for consideration occur to me: It's all right to say "that remarkable body of HERS" even though "hers" doesn't rhyme perfectly with "confer." It seems better (less forced) to be grammatical and use assonance instead of being ungrammatical to achieve perfect rhyme. Using the Harrison lyrics that way isn't going to get you sued, I suppose; they are direct quotes but you could call it literary allusion I suppose, but here's why you may wish to reconsider:"something in the way she moves attracts me like no other..." is poetically beautiful. It just is. That's why the song is one of the greatest love songs ever written. If I put that in most of my songs it would stand out as my best line! Your lines are clever enough and interesting enough to stand on their own without George's help.

Original? YES! I just wish I could understand all of the lyrics, because I think (?) you were funny (??). I caught the Harry Potter reference and wondered if the reason I was not "getting" your song is because I am not a Harry Potter reader/fan. You must have exhausted your rhyming dictionary to write this song. Was it a "see how many words you can place in your song that rhyme with Clare" contest? Just curious.

a quite commercial rock pop track. very good instrumentation , liked the guitar and drums throughout
the almost spoken vocal style was interesting. good tune

Liked the chugs. The main guitar had some cool licks surely, really catchy musical hook. In its current form it will be an uphl battle to find placement for it, but as a demo, this piece has strong potential in development.

The percussive rhythms and fills work well. The lyrics are unusual and interesting. The chosen instruments and the instrumentation fit the fits the sound and style of the song, and the instrumentation complements it as well.

I really like the overall sound of this, as rock or poprock, and it has a good storyline, and I like the vocal pitch, (see note below about pitch) the drum pattern is not overpowering and remains pretty constant throughtout the song, and that is neat to my own ears. Everything fits and key chages are just about where they belong.

Very nice cover of The Doors' 20th Century Fox. The subject is certainly a curvaceous delight so aptly described by the very skillful lyricist. Although the song prophecy seems to be wrong for now: she's with a weird and stoned bartender. The songwriting is very mature, I'm sure the people on the Body Building forum agree.

This is interesting song. The song strangely grows on you. It is original and quirky lyrics are kind of cool...The guitar riffs and overall feel is nice...

This is a mid-tempo rocker featuring guitars with great tone and feel. The vocals are expressive and the arrangement is well organized. Everything is there musically from the pulsing rhythm section to the tasteful guitar solos. The musical performances are solidly played. Nicely done throughout from beginning to end!
Rock on and often!

Lyrics Harry Budini Music How Quaint
Performance How Quaint
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