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I'm so bored
ten times more
than I was before

And the world seems flatter than the floor
I should be finding chores

I'm that bored
so much I'm sore
at my brain's core

I found a bottle with a message
I threw it in the garbage

I was bored
and now I'm ten times more
I could snore right through a war

And I'm bored
of normal and absurd
of everything I've heard
of ordinary and weird
to grow and shave my beard

The world seems flatter than the floor
I should be finding chores

Interesting! The guitar is good and the vocals are dry, which is what I guess you were going for. Needs to be a little longer in length but I think it is usuable definitely in tv applictions, maybe a sitcome since there is a humerous sdie to it.

Reminding me of a space oddessy kind of song, hey that is not how we spell odessy and that is not either. I will have to check my smell check. This song kind of trips me out into an interplanetary mood, something like Houston We have No Problems. and it really fires the imagination quite a bit. The unique nature of the whole thing adds to our trip. I like it.

Didn't know that many words rhymed with "bored"
Liked the backing track

Nice classic rock sound. Reminiscent of Frank Zappa or Alice Cooper. Good guitar sound and big riffs. Catchy lyrics on a subject everyone can relate to.

Lyrics are probably even better than Silly's.

Lyrics Harry Budini Music How Quaint
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