Song Length 2:57 Genre Pop - Lullaby, Rock - Psychedelic


Gone to reach a little town
gone just to stroll around
To meet the road, feel something
and houses and the views

And I wonder what happens in there

Gone to reach a satellite
the nearest one will do just fine
To meet the moon, feel lighter
the craters and the views

And I wonder what happens up there
Yea I wonder what happens out there

I never see you
There, the window sill
I pass by I look every time
and there you are not

Lyrics are cool.

A well written singer / song writer song. Has a prog rock feel. Chord structure and arrangement are strong. Original feel, influences aren't obvious. The song would come to life with a larger production.

Another unique sound an song and performance. I love stuff like this, and mostly hate perfect pitch singers and I still insist that everything has market potential, you just have to know how and where and even when to doyour promo, but it can be done everytime. I like this song and performance.

The rough recording doesn't detract from this song. It adds a more intimate and personal feel. Simplicity, peculiarity and personality [or maybe quaintness], the avoiding the clich├Ęs of how a song should be written, recorded, arranged and performed following certain professional or marketing rules make this song different from almost anything else on Broadjam: warmer, truer and more credible.

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