Born Artist

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100% sarcastic

Song Length 2:17 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi


Tell me all about the coffee you drink
tell me more about the love that you give
let me guess
they never give it back
your poor heart

I wanna know about the panic attack
so called best friends stabbing your back
it's not fair
oh it's more than you can bear
pour it in your art

and it doesn't matter if it's been done before
far far better than that
these are the things you should just ignore
you didn't choose to be an artist, you were born one

your voice is flawless and you dress with style
look at the camera and don't forget to smile
or just frown
they should know you're no clown
No no

talk some sense into our forsaken youth
elaborate on your political views
let me guess
you're under a lot of stress
that's when you give your best

and it doesn't matter if it makes no sense
that's what poetry is like
people don't get it cause they're fuckin dense
they just don't realize

I hope hell will swallow you whole

Hearing a quick vocal from the beginning is a plus for me, most song's intros are simply too long, this one is fine. I give it a higher rating for vocal pitch than most folks would do because I do not like perfect pitch. It sounds so fony. Phony. Nobody talks in perfect pitch. Give me a Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty and early Dolly Parton (she was awful in the beginning,) any day. But I like this voice and I like the song.

(Not available.) The master recording on this was too quite, it was very hard to make out lyrical content and evaluate a performance. The arrangement is a man and a guitar, so there isn't a lot to judge or review here, especially when I can't understand 60% of the lyrical content without struggling to hear it.

Don't know what to say. Sorta sounds like Iggy Pop ?

The "I hope hell will swallow you whole" is an interesting line that I think could have been used earlier in the song. It is the one line that to me has the most potential to be a chorus of sorts, or hook if you will.

This track could be easy used in a movie synch I think. It has a storyline which would work nicely in film.

Overall pretty good quality

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