War Machine

Song Length 4:26 Genre Pop - General


War Machine © David Lowe

Out of the sun come the politician
Who decides when to march and how far

Following him, pulled by a string
Are the generals all sat in a car

Row after row of the soldiers who go
And stand naked across somebody?s dream

Sunshine on steel and the world on a wheel
All painted camouflage green

Dig the war machine
Dig the dirt so clean
Dig the war machine

I had a dream there was nuclear and steam
Stretching from unsure to shore

As it passed by well I started to die
Now I?m only a part of the scene

Dig the war machine
Dig the dirt so clean
Dig the war machine

Trailing behind is a man with a plan
And a Christmas tree laid in a hearse

With one final fanfare and a grinding of gears
The war machine rolls in reverse

It?s a winning team
It has always been
Dig the dirt so clean
Dig the war machine

Lyrics David Lowe Music David Lowe
Producer David Lowe Performance David Lowe & Holly Lowe
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