Song Length 4:23 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Nonviolent



© H J Lowe/DLowe

It was dark I took a walk and my daddy and my dog led the way
I look up I'm knocked out I see more than I've ever seen

It was dark I couldn't see but the sea she was thundering deafening me
And in the distance spinning around was a tower of light for ships
run aground

The greatest poet or painter of them all couldn't create this night
This feeling I hold tight
It was emotion it was a knowledge
And looking up looking up
I got the immensity
And I got the intensity of the universe

The sky was alive they kept falling in and out of my eyes
And I knew I could wish and it would come true
And it blew me away cos I knew right away

I could have wished for peace an end to all the war
I could have wished for a moral world supreme to any law
And I could have wished for truth answers everywhere
I could have wished for righteousness and justice to be fair
And I could have wished for me to never feel anxiety
To have the greatest health and the greatest wealth and know my destiny
And I could have wished for Roark and all that he stands for
And I could have wished for Jesus Christ to walk the earth once more
And I could have wished for anything they were teasing me with trust
Do you know what I wished for though
I wished for us

Lyrics Holly Jazz Lowe / David Lowe Music Holly Jazz Lowe / David Lowe
Producer David Lowe/Nick Paige
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