Don't Pop

Song Length 4:02 Genre Pop - Alternative


You and I are only rough
A sketch you'd find inside an artist's pad
Those images they seem so sad
ANd so I try to write a song
In every lin the cravings take the blame
Those rythyms flow and hi jack my brain

Dont rock no baby dont swing no baby don't pop
Don't try to run don't move no baby don't stop
We wont work out it no baby you'll swing adn I'll sway
So don't hip hop baby so rock no baby please stay

An architect with just a dream
I scribble lines in pen that never fade
We stand so tall with no foundations laid
Cos you and I are only words
Punctuated by a scholar's hand
The meaning's gone the felling's bland

I'm empty so don't temp me
These rythyms leave me so serious
So stone me if you'll only stay and dance me delirious...

Lyrics H J Lowe / J Lowe Music J Lowe / H J Lowe/ D Lowe
Producer D Lowe Performance H Lowe. D.Lowe. G.Lowe
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