Malcontents And Sycophants ( folk vocal)

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We live in very dangerous times. Change it.

Song Length 4:53 Genre Folk - Alternative


Malcontents And Sycophants © 2018 Words and Music by Warren Hein

Babe I'm glad I found you
Through all life's bullshit camouflage
We know our love is strong and real
And we won't need emergency triage

Those fools call us idiots
But I'm sure we're at least savants
Together we know what we need
Together we know what we want

And we say with upmost confidence
To the mindless malcontents and sycophants
Who blindly follow those sick tweets
While foxes smear their crap on TV screens (last verse- while people scream)
To those malcontents and sycophants
Malcontents and sycophants

Those believers with their torches light up the night
Even Gideon is scared to death, he's hiding out of sight
They carefully conceal his bibles in their robes
With blood stained dollar bills in the folds

Babe we're not alone here
Though sometimes that's how it seems
Through all the hate and vitriol
No one can take away our dreams

They may call us idiots
I'm sure we're at least savants
But we can say with confidence
We're not malcontents or sick sick sycophants
Malcontents and sycophants

Easily one of the most meaningful songs I have heard on BJ to date. Along with meaning the song also has a wicked sense of humor that I can fully appreciate. And I do!!!
Good stuff here!!!

Amazing Track , brilliant production , i have never heard a song like it as in the core idea . There was a film " there is something about Mary" and they used this style through out the film.

Well , what do we have here !It's certainly something different.
Probably not to everyone's liking ,but I found it rather interesting .
It has a Lou Reed / David Bowie feel , which can't be bad !

Very good overall sound and feel the the music. I like the sound of the recording, well mixed, arranged and performed. Very dark commentary on the state of current TV and society in general. Strong vocal performance all in all a great song very well presented with powerful meaningful lyrics. Very well done.

This writer has a creative way to use words like few other writers do. This is a very original liberal political treatise with a direct hit to the conservative camp. The writer has found his partner who believes as he does and together they stand. Love this line: Through all the hate and vitriol, No one can take away our dreams. Instrumentation is great, nice piano intro. Crystal clear vocal. Love the drums, especially at the ending.

Lyrics Warren Hein Music Warren Hein
Producer Hein Publisher Warren Hein
Performance Wade Mosher WFH/Warren Hein
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