When She Talks to Me

Story Behind The Song

Song about being mesmerized by someone's beauty

Song Length 3:24 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Latin - Cuban
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Ecstatic Similar Artists Michael Franks, Kenny Rankin
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


When she talks to me, I'm intoxicated by the sound
And suddenly, there's no one else around
I drift off in a pleasant daze
To swaying palms and blue sky bays
I don't know what to say
When she talks to me

When I see her smile, and hear the music of her voice
She has no intention to beguile; she doesn't have a choice
I'm a silent fool, just mesmerized
As I float inside her warm brown eyes
I start to fantasize
When I see her smile

It's a mystery
Is it magic, is it alchemy?
It's like a chemical reaction in my soul
Wires cross and currents flow
I'm dizzy cause she moves me so
I spin out of control
When she talks to me

When she talks to me...

The song is a well trodden path but you do it well
Good vocal, well done
Tasteful little guitar solo

Very nice vocal melody I liked how the melody bounced around a lot and kept the song interesting throughout I also really enjoyed the flute or reed Or whatever that instrument was it sounded very nice good mix of instrumentation in the song

Here's a jazzy smooth love song that draws the listener in from the first notes. The vocal is a sweet fluid tenor, flawlessly executed. The instrumentation suits the romantic melody perfectly. Lyrics are fresh, engaging, and perfectly understandable. This writer knows how to use interesting words to the best advantage (when was the last time anyone used "alchemy" in a song?) Also the interplay between the word "talks (to me) and intoxicated. Cleverly done. This is an expertly crafted song and I hope it goes far...really far.

If I let my wife she will want to go for a Beach Holiday!

It's really lovely song. Very engaging lyrics, which paint a vivid image..almost cinematic. Excellent vocal performance as the singer really sells the song with conviction. Excellent melody. Lovely instrumental outro. Great arrangement. The song reminds me of Michael Franks or some of George Michael's jazzy songs.

This tune has that,"One Note Samba"feel, super easy listening thing going down! Drinks by the pool, nice afternoon breeze thru the palm trees, this Valhalla for sure!! Like the vocals and instrumentation, this group is Tight!! Super chord progression, just an all around terrific tune! Oh, just got to the solo's and they are all over-the-top Incredible!!! Such a super song!!!
THE END........

The singer brings the listener in and lightens a person's mood. Very pleasant. The arrangement is excellent and well balanced with the voice which is also very easy to listen to. The lyrics are well worked.

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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