Heaven Only Knows

Song Description

A "seize the moment" theme

Song Length 4:42 Genre Rock - Classic
Mood Restless Subject Hope
Similar Artists Bruce Springsteen Era 1980 - 1989


Heaven Only Knows

Some artists see sculptures
In every block of stone
Some me lie awake at night
Afraid of dying alone

Is the glass half full?
Is the dream half gone?
Or is it right outside our door?

So, take my hand now baby
Don't you think just maybe
There's something out there for us
Let's brave that cold night air
Let the wind blow through our hair
Baby, let's get on that bus
And see where it goes
Heaven only knows

You can't know how much it hurts me
To see that look in your eyes
It's like your chained to a lamp post
And see the world passing by

I can't say if dreams come true
But I see my dreams in you

So, take my hand now baby...

I know we're stuck in this quicksand life
But we ain't in too deep
There's more for us, I can smell it in the air
Let's grab something we can keep

So take my hand....

I loved the bridge at the second half of the song where I just had the violin in the piano into playing with each other it was very nice and the rest of the song after that which is the keyboards in the singing was very beautiful

like the presentation from start to finish Strings are used very wisely. Great work! Congrats!

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
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