Slipping Away

Song Description

Nearly losing a close friend to an eating disorder

Song Length 4:06 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Era 2000 and later


Your hunger pains are eating you away
Your reflection isn't what you want it to be
You know that I can see through your disguise
What happened to the light that's in your eyes?
You're slipping away. You let yourself down.
You've lost all of your solid ground
You were so special and you knew it
You had it all and then you blew it
Why, oh why do you do this to yourself?
Is it something that I really need to know?
Help understand your twisted views
You feel that who you are isn't enough for me
Well, who is it that you are trying to be?
You're running away!

Lyrics Godis Sophia Music Anthony Zito
Producer Anthony Zito
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