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A promise that things will get better.

Song Length 5:16 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Once in a while I let my worries get in the way;
And act as a child, forgetting tomorrow is a new day.
What is wrong with me, I wonder, ?When will I break free from all the pain??
Can?t stand feeling regret, I?m such a mess-
When will an angel come and clear away the rain and say,
?It?s okay to feel that way,
Just close your eyes, and when you wake;
Start over, I promise it?s gonna be okay.?
I woke up today, it?s like the gray skies stole my sunlight.
I?m also confused; I feel I?m all alone- even in company.
It?s okay.

Lyrics Godis Sophia Music Anthony Zito
Producer Anthony Zito
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Clean Clean

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