Look at us Now

Song Description

Effects on youth of selfish parenting, divorce and abandonment

Song Length 3:22 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


You?re all alone, broke up your home,
Married a dream, perfect it seemed.
You kept your name, you put it to shame-
We told you before, never again.
Take all your pills, you go through that drill,
Put on your happy face day after day.
You have yourself to blame.
Look at us now, aren?t you so proud?
Abandoned by you look how we turned out.
We have loved you all along
Why can?t you admit you?re wrong-
Get over yourself.
Be like everybody else!

You moved away, left us alone.
Thought we?d come along, but you were so wrong.
Laid on the beach, walked in the sand.
How could we lose you to some other man.
Now that we?re grown, we?re out of your way.
What is it you need to make it okay?
Starting today it?s all up to you.
Get on with your life like we?ve had to-
A simple mistake, that?s all that it takes

Lyrics Godis Sophia Music Anthony Zito
Producer Anthony Zito
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