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Strength in the face of opposition

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


I?ve found a simple motivation,
I?m so sick and tire of waiting for this destiny,
And the more I hear that I can do it
I am more driven to prove it this to the world.
You watch, it will only take a second
For the spark of my intentions to explode!
I am a fuse that?s been ignited
Giving up trying to fight it
I?m a timebomb.
Don?t tell me to wait,
Don?t say that it?s too late for me
The more I hear it?s impossible
The more I want to throw it in your face.
As I?m rising I?m suprsing you
Your doubt is like fuel to me
Your doubt is like fuel to me.
Your doubt is like fuel to me
I know I can be a little hard to swallow
But I cannot follow everybody else.
And I don?t care what really people think
?coz I?m simply here to bring it to you how it is.

Lyrics Godis Sophia Music Anthony Zito
Producer Anthony Zito
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