Sinner Saints

Song Description

Religious Judgement and Hipocrisy

Song Length 3:39 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Thank you for the gift you gave me
I never would have understood
It all makes sense as you've explained it
Now I see things very clearly
When Jesus said to love thy neighbor
He hadn't seen your neighborhood
So praise His name but set the nails
Hold the sinner under water
Is there white that's white enough?
A line to walk that's straight enough?
How hard must you throw that stone
To earn His love? To earn His love?
Is there vengeance harsh enough?
A sword of mercy sharp enough?
How much blood and shattered bone
To win His love? To win His love?
You loved me once when love was easy
Now it's done with masks and gloves
So, smite my cheek without the worry
Spared the leper's leprosy
Go back brother. Go back sister
Sail your ship to Plymouth Rock
Find your sheet. Ignite your cross
Walk the walk that Jesus walked

Lyrics Godis Sophia Music Anthony Zito
Producer Anthony Zito
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