Talk Talk (Dan Humphrey)

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A young couple meets while vacationing in the tropics. There's an immediate physical attraction so the two decide to get together in an attempt to take their passion to the "next level"...which for them would be to simply try and

Song Length 4:17 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Relationship
Language English Era 2000 and later


Talk Talk
Dan Humphrey (Vocals), Matt Wallace (Sax & Flute), Words & Music by Frank Pietrantoni

This boy and girl from opposite directions
Tried to talk talk with each other.
Even though they speak the language
Their timings always off off with one or the other.
They know that they want to engage in a conversation
Casual or controversy, breaking news or weekend blues
Or possible stimulation.
Time and time again the conversation won't begin
Cause when he thinks the feelings there
For some thoughts that they could share...

She says No (no no no)
But he says si (si si si)
And they'll never get together for now and forever
They'll have this difficulty

The mood was set with all the elements
For them to talk talk with each other.
Candle lighting, vintage wine; a phone off of the line
For them to focus on one another.
Slowly she just moved in close to whisper in his ear
Words from a language that appears he couldn't hear.
And time and time again the conversation can't begin
And though she thinks the feeling's right
He just asks for a quiet night

And he says No (no no no)
When she says si (si si si)
And they'll never get together for now and forever
They'll have this difficulty
When you say no (no no no)
You can see (see see see)
When you're talkin' to me that way
It just doesn't make me very happy.

Talk Talk

-Chorus out-

Well this is a unique song! Very interesting. Nice Vocals, instrumentation stronger in the second half of the song a lot more catchy. Nice Sax as well.

Oh-oh! it's frustration plus, and the melody goes round and round between two dominant chords, as if one chord for one person and one for the other! It is a story without a resolution which makes it human and believable. The mood of the music and words are well matched, and it moves with a fun bouncy pop sensibility that keeps the tension up and the interest going. Saxophone is placed tastefully at the end giving it some spice and a pleasing continuing conclusion, if you can imagine that. Drum beats and percussion give it a feeling of being in a faraway place. It's like an updated Johnny Nash song. The song does what it is meant to do. Marketability: Why not? It can be placed in any situation of not being able to connect.

Liked the overall vibe of this ! I'm in to The Divine Comedy at the moment , it reminded me of something they might do . Nice vocal .

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Producer FrankLP Performance Dan Humphrey (vocals) Matt Wallace (sax)
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