This Love/Vocal by Phoebe Blume

Song Length 3:52 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Standards


FELICE KAYE-COOPER-Registered Copyright


Verse 1:

This love comes only
Once in a lifetime
Cherish the moment (s)
We have together.

Believe me when I say
Oh, how much that I want you
And you will always
Stay in my heart.

Verse 2:

You are the reason
For all my passion
Fate brought you to me
For this to happen.

When I look in your eyes
I see all that I long for
Just say you want me
And I am yours.

Tacet (one measure before chorus)


That you'll be mine forever

Tacet (one measure)
You know,
I'll love you every day

Tacet (one measure)

Our hearts,
Will be one for eternity
This is my pledge to you
I always will be true

As the stars that shine up above

Verse 3:

This love comes only
Once in a lifetime
Cherish the moment(s)
That we share together (*to Coda)

Don't try to understand
why it had happened
then all the magic
will disappear (reapeat chorus to Coda)


You have to keep love safe
Then it can never
Be taken from us
For foolish reasons

Remember in your heart and love will last.

ending (fine)

A well thought out song, nice lyrics and a good melody well delivered. I like the simplicity of the arrangement and the old style mood. Drama with a smile - would go down well in a Paris cafe or a musical! Quite different from most other plays I've heard on Broadjam. Well done!

great sound nice piano and vocal are just crazy powerful!!!!beautiful piece

Lyrics Felice Kaye-Cooper Music Felice Kaye-Cooper
Producer Phoebe Blume/Felice Kaye-Cooper Performance Phoebe Blume Vocal/Felice Kaye-Cooper Piano
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