Wake up to Mary

Song Length 3:16 Genre Rock - General
Era 2000 and later


Wake Up to Mary

I sleep beneath this hazy clouded blanket sky
she drifts around me as I open up my eyes


She takes my hand
and I am back to where I want to be
you see


I wanna wake up to Mary
I wanna see that face by my side
I wanna wake up to Mary
and celebrate that I'm alive

Verse 2

All this pain as I complain
?til I find her back again
washing down my fear

when I'm at my most demanding
her attempts at reprimanding
are music to my ears


Cause she's my keeper
she watches over me
when I'm asleep



She reaches in and she reaches out
I turn to her and I am turned around
. . . . And I am found yeah

Double Chorus

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Performance dhillon khosla
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