Dhillon Khosla was born and raised in Europe by a native German mother and a father who had emigrated from India. When he and his family moved to the U.S., Dhillon first pursued the study of classical piano at the Westport School of Music, performing at regular recitals and garnering the award for most promising musician. Several years later, he picked up the guitar and began to seriously study the art of songwriting and voice. He also attended the Berklee School of Music's summer program in Los Angeles and performed as front man for various local bands in an effort to further his performance skills.

After completing this extended "training" phase, Dhillon entered the studio and began working on his first album intended for commericial release; "The Temple." "The Temple" is the culmination of seven years of song writing. It is also the culmination of a long and deep struggle that is reflected throughout the language of the lyrics and provides a most visual and unifying theme.

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The artist, Dhillon Khosla, was born and raised in Europe by a father who is a native of India and a German mother. At an early age, he studied classical piano and garnered the award for most promising musician. Thereafter he began studying guitar and transitioned into pop/alternative rock music, performing with local bands in the Bay Area. He also studied composition and performance skills through the Berklee School of Music's summer program in Los Angeles; spent two years with a private vocal coach, and eventually began the process of completing his own solo album, the Temple. The songs on "the temple" were written over a seven year period and were mainly written to reflect a specific and major inner transformation in the artist's life. The metaphorical nature of the lyrics ensures that each listener will be able to relate the words to a moment in their own life when truth prevailed over the easy road.

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