Underneath Your Hands

Song Length 3:46 Genre Rock - Alternative
Era 2000 and later


Underneath Your Hands

Take the widest ocean
and the only motion
that I seem to feel is underneath

Tell me all your secrets
?cause you know that I will
keep them under lock
but you still hold the key


To all your holy spaces
through all these timeless places
I will take this


?Cause underneath your hands
is where I?ve come to understand you
Underneath your hands
is where I land

Verse Two

Walk around this island
talk around the silence
I will come to hear you anyway

Sleep inside the shadows
dream away the colors
seeping through your eyes
before you wake to see


But in between these fingers
the blue and orange lingers
and I am in this, cause


Underneath your Hands . . .


And I am holding out this invitation
cause in your heart I feel anticipation
. . . this quiet waiting

Double Chorus and fade out

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