If We Could Be

Song Length 3:59 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Era 2000 and later


If We Could Be

I took one look at you
and then I took you through
the only night you were allowed
to see you've been dissatisfied
And when you said goodbye, I
could not believe my eyes
the lies they sold when you were told
this is your life


If we could be
Would you tell anybody
about you and me
And if they did know
how far would you go?
If you did stay
Do you think anybody's care anyway
But if you don't dare
you would be at home anywhere . . . .

Verse 2
And now it's been three years
You still release your fears
into the night before the light
ignites your personality

And when you take me into you
you still pretend the only sin
is he's just not enough
you won't admit that I'm
too much

Chorus into Bridge

Final verse

And now I see you cry
when I ask how or why
a heart like yours can be coerced
to live a lie, but

Double Chorus fade out

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