The Whole Catastrophe

Song Length 4:23 Genre Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Era 2000 and later


The Whole Catastrophe

Fingerprints lining this hallway of time
as I wander through footsteps that used to be mine
remnants . . . these remnants


Here?s where I walked away
Here?s where I could not say, but I longed to say . . .


Come, come and dance, dance inside here with me
Underneath this blazing canopy
. . . the whole catastrophe

Verse Two

Windows and mirrored ghosts
old eyes in disguise
hallways that always lead through there but nowhere, so

here?s where I turned around
here?s where I hear the sound, say


Verse One repeat

Final section (new melody over chorus music)

I crawl through these spaces of mirrors of faces
I wander in silence in circles to time?s hands
I turn from these demons but can?t find the reason
I call out angels they answer in . . . .

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Performance dhillon khosla
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