Johnny and his gun

Story Behind The Song

someone bet me i couldn't write a cowboy song, it's a bit like high noon.

Song Description

tells old cowboy story,bit predictable, but may find a place in a movie somewhere.

Song Length 3:42 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Pleasant, Affable
Subject Guns, Dysfunctional Relations Similar Artists The Beatles
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


Johnny and his gun (c) Dennis Makepeace
Johnny and his gun were never parted,
And he's standing at the bar,
He's only seventeen and fresh from frisco,
And he's looking for the man that shot his pa,
So sad so sad, good boy gone bad,
He was his fathers son,oh that boy could shoot a gun,

He's lightning fast with that gun he carries,
And he's killed three men who never saw him draw,
He'd like to think maybe he'll live forever,
Or until he gets the man that shot his pa,
So sad so sad, good boy gone bad,
He was his fathers son, oh that boy could shoot a gun,

Down the street in the noonday sun,
Came a tall dark stranger with a low slung gun,
Called Johnny out said son you#ve had your fun,
gonna take your life away,

Out on the street they draw and fire together,
Johnny's bullet hits a deadly place,
Although he's hurt real bad it doesn't matter,
He's dying with a smile upon his face,

So sad so sad, good boy gone bad,
He was his fathers son,oh that boy could shoot a gun.

That was very cool. Acoustic guitars are the hardest thing to record, but you did it. I was expecting some silly guitar break after the chorus, but you didn't. Thank You. The ending was very clever & well done. Wouldn't change a thing.

Here's a ballad that might be considered cowboy...but I'm not sure its setting is the wild west. It could be a city street. With all the gun control debate going on, there are some who will like this song and others who will want to pass a law to take that gun away. Politics aside, it's a well-told story, clearly presented and nicely played on a very great-sounding 12 string guitar. Background vocals/harmonies are really well done. Great storytelling and performance. Bravo! Nicely concluded too, musically and lyrically.

The first thing that hit me was the great vocals, sounds a whole lot like John Denver. The recording is really done well. I love the sound of the rhythm guitar. Very interesting song, and a well told story. I really think this one has potential.

" He was his fathers son,oh that boy could shoot a gun...oh that boy could shoot a gun." This part of the song is well worth the price of admission. Beatlesque for the harmonies there.
Nice little cowboy ditty, predictable, but poignant.....sad, but kinda glad they both died...should mess with guns.

A song that tells a story and evokes many thoughts and images along the way. Good instrumentation and good pace. One can imagine it might fit into somebody's short film.

Like the sound of your vocal - good harmonies. Good storytelling. I wanna hear more.

Great story song. Wonderful vocal harmonizing.

What a sad, sad song. 'Good boy gone bad'. Nice voice(s) and very pleasant guitar, and - the sad, sad lyrics. Words and music are perfectly paired. A quiet, still song that will creep up on you and stay in your mind.

nice tune.....nice to hear Vocals up front so lyrics can be understood.
nice harmony pieces. Very enjoyable

Well...I'm a harmony I loved the vocals and harmonies!
This is an interesting tune with clever lyrics! I appreciate the clean, straight-forward approach.

You did a nice job with your guitar sounds, really liked your harmony, story was sad but good, I liked it. Nothing like a good story and you told a good one thank you

Lyrics Dennis Makepeace Music Dennis Makepeace
Producer Dennis Makepeace Publisher Dennis Makepeace
Performance Dennis Makepeace
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