Words can't wait

Story Behind The Song

Song I wrote about my Grandma.and my Mother.

Song Description

Gentle song about lost family love, with harmonies similar to the Eagle`s, Crosby Stills & Nash.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Pop - Standards, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Endearing Subject Mother, Life
Similar Artists The Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Language English
Era 2000 and later


Words Can`t Wait (c) Dennis Makepeace

You had a smile, the laughter in your eyes,
And the days seem long without you,
You were so wise, we never saw you cry,
A gentle heart to come home to

We never say the things we should till its too late,
Unspoken thoughts and feelings, we lay them aside, those words cant wait

You always cared when we were small and scared,
Protecting us, coming when we bid you,
You taught us right from wrong, fairy tales and songs,
Forgiving all the wrongs that we did you

We never say the things we should till its too late,
Unspoken thoughts and feelings, we lay them aside, those words cant wait

When ever I see snow, or hear the storm wind blow,
Or sit around a glowing christmas tree,
Or at the fun fair, on the beach, my memories still reach,
And remind me of the love you gave to me,

we never say the things we should till its too late'
unspoken thoughts and feelings we lay them aside,
those words can't wait

things never stay the same,
no-one has the blame,
time passes like the sand beneath the waves,
and though life carries on ,
and my time with you has gone,
my memories of you i'll surely save

We never say the things we should till its too late,
Unspoken thoughts and feelings, we lay them aside, those words cant wait,
we lay them aside,
those words cant wait
we just lay them aside,
those words cant wait
those words cant wait

I love the idea of the song and the potential it has.

nice harmonies, good theme, good for a movie----"like the sand beneath the ways"---nice! lay them aside

Smooth gentle melody

good pitch

You are a modern Elton John. I love this. Your lyrics are well thought out, beautiful, and relatable. Your voice and your pitch is lovely. Harmonies are spot on and appropriately placed. I really enjoyed listening to this song. The subtle, yet impactful and well placed instrumental solos were spot on. It was a pleasure listening to your music!

Excellent Job! The vocalist has a clear and beautiful voice. They lyrics work well with this arrangement and the production is also top quality! Good easy listening song the reflect back on people we spent time with. Well done!

I enjoyed this song very much. This is obviously a heartfelt tribute to someone close to you. You speak from the heart which brings the audience in. The lyrics kept kept me engaged in your storytelling. I enjoyed the melody as well. Overall, the song feels like a throwback to a BREAD song. Perhaps you have heard of the group? One of my favorites. Back in the day when music touched your heart a little more than these days. Your song brought me there. The recording was clear and I liked the melody. Vocals were very nice too. Great job overall.

This has a nice melody and sung very well. Great lyrics. This song is good, I enjoyed it very much.

Good vocals and a clean recording of a catchy song.

Nice vocal harmonies and well played and recorded

very soothing easy listening

Lyrics Dennis Makepeace Music Dennis Makepeace
Producer Dennis Makepeace Publisher Dennis Makepeace
Performance Dennis Makepeace Label Dennis Makepeace
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