arthur mcbride

Story Behind The Song

one of my favourite folk songs

Song Description

traditional folk song

Song Length 5:33 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - Rural
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Affable Subject War, Freedom
Language English Era 2000 and later

Beautifully clean strum, it sounds like it would fit nicely in a woody Allen movie!
LC Team

It has the feel of a traditional tune - one that's been around for years and years. Beautiful guitar work.

Simple, effective rendering of an old anti-militarist song (though by no means a pacifist one). Just a well-pitched voice and a well-judged guitar. A pleasure to hear.

A very nice version of this traditional anti-war song. Lush guitar sound...(twelve string?) ...nice vocal with the appropriate accent to match...Kinda puts Dylan's version to shame, huh? For what it's 5 stars...not Paul Brady...but very nice.

Nice lilting melody with interesting lyric. Guitar accompaniment fits the song.

Nice, crisp guitar sound. Like the vocals a lot. Enjoyed listening to the storytelling/lyrics. The simplicity of the song arrangement is a perfect match for the lyrics so that the listener gets the full story.

Wow, what a great song. The recording sounds fantastic. The engineering, mix, and master have to be just right for a guitar / vocal production to come out correctly and this is nailed. The Song is tremendous lyrically and the vocal track is amazing, original, and keeps me hanging on for another verse...This would be an amazing song for a Scottish type scene in film...possibly someone reflecting on their past or a military type campaign. GREAT JOB!!!

I like the rise and fall of the melody a lot. The guitar work is really nice. I liked the dynamic change around 2:15 where it moves to single chords and comes back to the strumming pattern. The way the guitar drives the bass line works well with the vocals. The guitar breaks are great little licks. I had the vocalist's accent in constructive comments, but by the end of the song I moved it to positive because it really grew on me, very endearing. I think the verse at 4:25 was the strongest one vocally. "two bloody backs" really jumped out at me, great line. Lyrically there is nothing to criticize in this tune, a powerful and poignant folk tune.

The song really honors the genre with the vocal, lyric and guitar performances. Great job! Nice story line.

a very good story song track with a celtic flavour. nice guitar sound and playing and vocals. very lyrical which i liked

i really like this song

I like how it tells a story

I like this a lot. Love the sound of the guitar. It really moves the song along. These Celtic type songs are often great stories and this song is one of them. The song moves along at a good pace. The lyrics are clear and easy to understand. Nice Irish brogue too. Really sells the song.

Lyrics trad arranged dennis makepeace Music Dennis Makepeace
Producer Dennis Makepeace Performance Dennis Makepeace
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