Story Behind The Song

This is based on a real person. I felt she needed a song because so many are like her. A lonely girl lost and afraid. She dreams of hiding on the moon where no one can hurt her. But the man that loves her, tries to show her hope.

Song Description

Nancy is living on the street hiding from her past and trying to decide if she has a future. A man love her and is trying to save her from herself and show her she can be happy. She doesn't need to hide on the moon.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Nonviolent, Welcoming Subject Existence, Loneliness
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Nancy was a ragdoll, she had nowhere to go, she was all alone, hoping she could find a place she could hide the pain and find someone to love her.
One whish she had was to fly to the moon. No one could touch her there, she'd be safe and always alone. All she really wants is someone to need her somewhere to call home.
Hey Nancy, don't you run so fast. You can't love with a heart of glass. Oh Nancy, don't you live in the past. You'll spend your life picking up pieces of broken glass.
Her hair is dirty, her face is a mess, wearing high heel daggers and a celophane dress. Her heart is torn but she's been blessed. Salvation is waiting and hope is a guest. She's been thinking about what she's done and said. All the people she's loved, all the people that fled. Her life is a disaster but there's hope just ahead, it just depends. She can make it, if she'll make amends.
You must try to understand, there's someone that loves you and there's a plan. Just call if you need me, I'll be there to pick up the pieces.
Now she wonderin who's the man that loves her. She just doesn't want to be alone in the night

Like the voice and attitude, reminds me a little of Joe Walsh. Nice turn of a phrase (i.e., some witty lines in the lyric). Catchy chorus that was hummable.

Lyrics Dennis Logan Moore/Valerie Bemis Music Dennis Logan Moore/ Valerie Bemis
Producer Dennis Logan Publisher Bemore Music
Performance Dennis Logan Label Indie
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