Hundred Years War

Story Behind The Song

Susan Nikas wrote this and I fell in love with the song....war is something I have never understood and this song gave credence to the effect war has on the world. In the past and now....she was gracious enough to give me permission to sing this song in my style...Thank you Susan.

Song Description

A Knight finds he has to go to war and returns too find his life has changed in more ways then one. Body maimed...lover lost

Song Length 3:44 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Moving Subject History, Past, War
Similar Artists , Enya Language English
Era Before 1600


Through the forest deep and dark
The brave knight he came riding
On his dappled steed he rode
Five days from the fighting

He wore his sweetheart's token fair
and bore his sword and shield
glories war he swore to wage
until his foes did yield

A Hundred Years War it did rage
o'er religion and sweet France
thousands on a bloody field
as king and peasant both were killed

Five years and a day did pass
'ere the knight came home again
hobbling on a rough hewn cane
his face was scared, his legs were lame

Killed by fever and lost hope
his love lay in her grave alone
putrid wounds and the Black Death
left him crippled and bereft



A war that lasts a hundred years
with millions killed and maimed

A war that lasts a hundred years
must never come again

A war that lasts a hundred years
what villain would propose it?

A war that lasts a hundred years
good men must all oppose it

A war that lasts a hundred years...must never come again, must never come again.

Through the forest deep and dark
the brave knight he came riding
on his dappled steed he rode
five days from the fighting

The beat added to the atmosphere of the song. Lyrics took the song from a personal perspective to a warning of long wars.
The bridge was something original to hear!
Music conveyed well the message of 5he song.

This piece has a lovely and moving feel. I can hear New Testament references. The spoken content regarding "A War That Lasts A Hundred Years" offers a distinct warning. I love the utilization of the instruments; specifically the dulcimer which comes to the fore near the close of the piece.

This is a hard subject to cover. You do it well. I really like your spoken words. This puntuates the power of the song lyrics. The instrumentation is interesting, especially the marching drums.

I think you have a fantastic voice. The song reminds me of Vashti Bunyan or Victoria Williams and I enjoyed the hesitation in the vocal as well as the quality of the voice. This is a good length for the track.

A simple, traditional-style tune well sung in a slightly quavering style. Repetitive backing enhances the hypnotic effect. The lyrics, gory enough in places, are presumably about the Hundred Years' War (between England and France, with occasional breaks for refreshments). "A war that lasts a hundred years must never come again." Indeed. A good anti-war sentiment. Although, looking at some of the people now either in office or running for it, a much shorter war seems more likely.

Lyrics Susan Nikas Music Susan Nikas
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/ music arranger Label Avocet Studios
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