El Matador

Story Behind The Song

I am putting together songs about america and this is a nod to our Spanish speaking population. My chance to speak a minimal amount of Spanish

Song Description

Song of a bull fighter and a love story

Song Length 2:35 Genre Folk - Americana, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tense, Cool Subject Power, Life
Similar Artists Kingston trio, Joan Baez Language English
Era 1800 - 1899


El Matador

Ay, Torero, she's here, Ay, matador, he feels her eyes,
they are wide with excitement and fear.
He feels her heart for it cries, when the horns are to near.
He will be bold, brave, and swift will he be
and he'll be numero uno, torero fino,
she'll dream tonight of him.

Ole, ole, ole! Viva el matador!
Ole, ole, ole! Viva el matador!

Ay, Torero, she's here. Ay, matador he see's her smile
and he see's there the reason she came
Toro go closer, go near and he'll whisper her name.
You maybe brave and as bold as you're black,
but he'll be numero uno, torero fino, toro come back.

Ole, ole, ole! Viva el matador
Ole, ole, ole! Viva el matador
Ole, ole, ole! Viva el matador
Ole, ole, ole! Viva el matador

Toro, aqui, closer, closer, closer, closer.

Nice arrangement.
Great guitar work.

What a great voice.

The Spanish theme is interesting. Good instrumentation.

I like the song overall, the vocal in particular, but the instruments sound very good and have an authentic sound. I think the arrangement is very good, and the recording is clear and balanced.

I really really enjoyed listening to this tune. One of the better songs I've had the pleasure of reviewing here on Broadjam The song has an old timey audio quality to it as if it was recorded years ago on 2" tape. I love the Sergio Leoni spaghetti western instrumentation. You nailed it! And the female vocal had an almost renaissance melody and quality going throughout the song with a touch of mariachi influence as well. I loved the horns and smooth bass playing. Excellent, excellent work! I hope I get to review more songs from this artist/group

Brings back an era of the past in my mind, so vivid and exciting.
Recorded and performed with a certain knowing of the mistik.

This piece reminds me of music Ennio Morricone composed for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or A Fistful of Dollars. It has a nostalgic sound with imagery of an outlaw being chased by a hero. I definitely could see this being placed in a Quentin Tarintino type production.

Lyrics Jane Bowers and Irving Burgie Music Bowers and Burgie?
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed Label Avocet studio
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