Nothing but a Wheel

Story Behind The Song

I had a heart attack. Lots of traveling metaphors and soul searching in the back of an ambulance. I'm fine now though,thanks.cb

Song Description

The first verse sets up the opening scene with a flash of lightning illuminating a long stretch of empty highway ahead. The traveler ,with a 'shot of false bravado' starts his journey. The second verse describes the travelers early days like a 'runaway f

Song Length 8:49 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Composed Subject Existence, Highway, Street, Road
Similar Artists The Eagles, The Allman Brothers Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


Nothin' but a Wheel

Another flash of lightning, lightin' up the road ahead
Nothin' on my mind, just a lot of words left unsaid
I'm another desperado, on his way to `God only knows'
A shot of false bravado, chase it down with `That's the way it goes'
The way that it goes

When I was a boy, never took the time to slow down
Too busy running-running at the speed of the sound
Of a runaway freight train, coming up hard from behind
Tearing up the rails, of my one track state of mind
Nothing but a wheel, rolling down the road of life
Nothing that I feel, will make any difference tonight
Nothing but a heartache, getting smaller in the rearview mirror
Nothing but a wheel, rolling away, rolling away from here

Every situation has a beginning and an end
Every destination is just a place for a heart to mend
Then it's back out on the highway with a emptiness inside
Back out on the highway you can run but you can't hide

Repeat Chorus

If I had to do it all over again If I had to re-fight this war
All the mistakes I've made in my life-I'd make them and a whole lot more
`Cause it all boils down to a highway and the world keeps flashin' past
And I've got one wheel on the shoulder and one foot on the gas
One foot on the gas

Funny how the time goes flying by so fast
Funny how the sun comes up just when you want the night to last
Take a look around you, try and soak it all in my friend
`Cause every second passing, is one that you'll never see again

Repeat Chorus Twice

Lyrics Craig Bowers Music Craig Bowers
Producer cb Publisher cb
Performance cb Label none
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