Theres Been a Change

Story Behind The Song

It's a little story song. My songs come to me like little movies. It's not based on anything, anyone or any incident in particular. I just made it up.cb

Song Description

Struggling with indecision leads to changes in someones life.

Song Length 4:07 Genre Country - Contemporary, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Peaceful Subject Change, Regret
Similar Artists James Blunt, James Taylor Language English
Era 2000 and later


There's Been A Change
Words and Music by Craig Bowers

I've been thinkin' 'bout changes, thinkin' for a long, long time
While I was busy thinkin' you went and changed your mind
I guess it's true, there's been a change in you
Yes its true, there's been a change in you

Just as sure as this old world makes circles 'round the sun
Sooner or later if you're goin' around you get back where you started from
Here I am, back at the start again
What did I do? To bring this change in you?

Some girls they want diamonds, others ask for gold
All you ever wanted was someone you could hold
It wasn't me, I was to blind to see
And now it's true, there's been a change in you

Some things last forever, some things never get known
Sometimes you just get lucky, and find shelter from the storm
But here I am, out in the rain again
Just a natural man, standin' in the rain again

Now I know it would be easy, to have your love for mine
All that I need to get back, is all that wasted time
But it's just gone, back where it all came from
Right through my hands...just like sugar sand

Now I've been busy thinkin', thinkin' for a long, long time
While I was busy thinkin', You up and changed your mind
And its true, There's been a change in you
And now I see, There'll be a change in me
Oh yes it's true, there's been a change in you
And without you...I don't know what I'll do

Lyrics Craig Bowers Music Craig Bowers
Producer Craig Bowers Publisher Craig Bowers
Performance Craig Bowers
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