Goodnight Margherita

Story Behind The Song

I like this barstool troubador kind of song so I decided to write one and I thought that the troubador himself made a perfect subject. I've seen a million of these guys playing Gordon Lightfoot songs in the corner of the bar with a beat up guitar case and a little tip bucket.cb

Song Description

A man is accepting his place in life and preparing for what lies ahead. For me - dancing with Margherita - is a metaphor for experiencing the spirit of life. When he finally gives in to the inevitable he says 'Goodnight Margherita' and shuffles off. It's also about a guy having a drink in a bar.

Song Length 5:21 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Peaceful Subject Change, Philosophy
Similar Artists Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits Language English
Era 2000 and later


Goodnight, Margherita
Words and Music by Craig Bowers

I come down from the north land with a guitar on my knee/
A wore out leather jacket for a home/
When the turning of the season turned into dealing with the pain/
Guess I wore my welcome right down to the bone/

So I've settled down in paradise, and it's just like all the songs/
With the palm trees and the beaches and the beer/
And it's so close to Heaven, the locals like to say/
That on a good day you can catch a glimpse from here/

Now I'm not a social drinker, I like to drink alone/
But I never let the whiskey take my soul/
For me it's more medicinal, just enough to numb the brain/
But not enough to make me lose control/

The nurse behind the bar, she smiles when I walk in/
She has one waiting at the barstool on the end/
And when I'm in between gigs, she always understands/
And runs a tab until I'm on my feet again/

Yes, Margherita she's a lady, she's everybodys friend/
I fell in love the first time that I seen her/
And she's just a little salty, just a little sweet/
She'll dance with every man in the cantina/

Harmonica solo

Sometimes a thought comes over me when I look around the room/
(I know deep down it's something that I'm fearing)/
This old bar's some kind of whistle stop and we're all glory bound/
'cause lately I've seen faces disappearing/

But I'm not here complaining, 'cause I don't have it bad/
The toll you pay the piper equals how much fun you had/
Me, I've had a good long run, and if my memory serves/
The baggage that I'm toting is no more than I deserve/

Now I've got half a mind to go on home, and the other half to stay/
And half of twenty dollars left to burn/
But that little voice inside my head that just won't go away/
Reminds me I'm just waiting for my turn/

So my sweet bartender give me one more for the road/
Before the moon sinks slowly out of sight/
And I'll be following my shadow, he knows the way back home/
Goodnight Margherita, goodnight/

Yes I'm right behind my shadow, It's time to go on home/
Goodnight Margherita, goodnight

Lyrics Craig Bowers Music Craig Bowers
Producer Craig Bowers Publisher Craig Bowers
Performance Craig Bowers
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