A kiss for you

Song Description

Someone who was in a disfunctional relationship, but cannot help wondering whether it might have worked out.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Relations Language English
Era 2000 and later



Verse 1
The sweeter the honey
The better the taste
Bitter temptation isn?t good for me
The devil I know is
The one that I crave
So ironically it?s not what I need
I?m getting better at not looking back
Though I can see you playing on my mind
Baby, you know it?s because it?s a fact
I still think of you
Like I shouldn?t do

Don?t understand what I?m doing here
Only half way out the door
Don?t want to stay
Can?t let it go
Let it go

Tell me how was I to know
That I couldn?t let it lie
Maybe I really need a change of heart
So I can kiss goodbye
And it?s hard to see it through
Here?s a kiss for you
Here?s a kiss for you

Verse 2
Seeing your picture in Memory Lane
Gave me another chance to realise
Now that I?m getting better every day
How I wanted to and I?m going to
Spending tomorrow with somebody new
Gravitate closer into harmony
Got to keep going though I know it?s true
That I think of you and I shouldn?t do

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
Move along, move along from me
Move along, move along baby
Keep on playing in and out of my mind
You make me feel my life is stuck on rewind
Keep on playing in and out of my mind
Get out of my mind
Get out of my mind

Repeat Chorus

Written by: Charlotte Kelly/Bimbo Jones

Lyrics Charlotte Kelly Music Bimbo Jones
Producer Bimbo Jones Publisher Good Groove Songs/Universal Music Publishing
Performance Charlotte
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